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Welcome to | Rules and Regulations
Hello All,

Welcome to a new website for everything 3D Printing. We are not sponsored nor have ads on our website. This may change overtime but as of now, we are operating purely as a community forum with no biased opinions on ad revenue. We operate as a non-profit to provide our community a place to thrive in the 3D printing world. 

My name is Toph, I've been a cloud engineer since 2010 and a 3D Designer since 2017. I bring online new websites all the time and has always been a dream of mine and finally got around to it. Not everything is purrrfect but it will be, please contact me if you have any suggestions on how to make this site better. I hope to use your great ideas.

Currently I'm the only moderator on this site and as we grow, I will be looking for members to join the team. If you are interested, hold on tight and another article will be posted on how to apply.

I'm a very easy going person and the rules and regulations are basic and will improve overtime. However, don't do anything you wouldn't do in real life or wanted it to be posted on NY Times.

Rules and Regulations

1. Please don't post duplicate items within seconds apart. This is spamy will cause you to be suspended. However, write as many articles as your heart desires, just don't copy paste into different categories.
2. Be kind to all of our community members. Harassment, Profanity and or inappropriate images will land you in our forum jail.
3. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, then don't say it here.
4. Don't create duplicate accounts, members are only allowed 2 accounts per IP address 1 - Personal and 1 - Business.
5. You may advertise your business in your signature

Rules and Regulations are subject to change. Please monitor them closely to ensure you're in compliant. 

Punishments -

1. First Time offender (Tier 1 - Infraction) - 30-day Suspension.
2. Second Time Offender (Tier 2 - Infraction) - 60-day Suspension.
3. Third Time Offender (Tier 3 - Infraction) - 90-day Suspension.
4. Fourth Time Offender (Tier 4 - Infraction) - 180-day Suspension
5. Fifth Time Offender (Tier 5 - Infraction) - 365-day Suspension
6. Sixth Time Offender (Tier 6 - Infraction) - Lifetime Ban

Tiers 1-3 are reset every 365-days, so if you received a tier 1 infraction and didn't get another for 365-days. You will receive a Tier 1 Infraction again after a year has passed.
Tiers 4-5 are reset every 3 years, so if you received a Tier 5 Infractions but didn't get anymore for 730-days. You will receive a Tier 1 Infraction again after 2-years have passed.

Suspension and Lifetime bans can be disputed at anytime and moderators will review the dispute and reason to see if we are able to reverse the infraction. For example, you were immature on our forums as a young adult and received a lifetime ban. We don't believe that you should have a lifetime ban 5 years later when you're more professional and mature. If you are able to prove you've changed. Our moderators will be here to listen to every circumstance to make a formal decision. Ban/Suspension Reversals are not guaranteed. We may at anytime request you to join a Microsoft Teams meeting and state your case for a reversal.

Overall, be nice, be kind and have fun! Enjoy our Forums.

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